Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eileen's February Workshop - Finally

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post.  February was a very difficult month as we had bereavement in the family and there has been lots of sorting out to do.  But, I think things are getting back to ‘normal’ now, whatever my ‘normal’ is, lol.  But I have been making cards and I’m playing golf soon so I do hope so.

I made these cards during Eileen Goodman’s wonderful monthly workshop; you can find Eileen’s blog at  Eileen is not only a great teacher but her creations are truly inspiring, if you haven’t already looked at her work I can highly recommend you do.   Anyway enough as this is all about ME!! lol my creations are below.


  1. Hi Chris, sorry to hear your news and hope you are OK.Love you cards, the middle one with flowers on worked really well! See you soon x

  2. Thanks for this Chris... I love the workshops and seeing such super work from my 'students' you are all stars ... Then I get to read super posts like this one!! Bonus or wot! I hope things settle down for you quickly in March ...
    Eileen xx

  3. Thank you Eileen & Hellen for your very kind comments, hope to get back to life as we know it very soon.

    See you both soon Chris x